Friday, 23 December 2011

Mo's Christmas Candles

It's almost Christmas.  The tree is up, the cookies are baked and the kids are having a ball.  I on the other hand was rushed into making gifts for my fiancee's family.  I used Maurie J Mannings or as she's better known, MO's beautiful images on all my candles.

This one is for his grandmother.

The next three are for three of his aunts.  I used the same image for all of them because I thought it would make it easier to color..... mmm ended up being so hard, as I liked some of them more than others...

Next up is one I made for one of his other aunts. I HAD to use this image as the dog looks EXACTLY like her dog Cody!

Next up is three candles I made for his nieces.

And here's all of them together.  

It's a good thing Christmas only happens once a year!  

To all, a MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope Santa brings all of you some wonderful crafty gifts ;)  (just like mine) hehehe or rather make that a HO HO HO!!


  1. Wow gorgues candles, love your coloring on thoose stams.
    Whish You a Happy New Year!!'Zora

  2. hijanina , Just wanted to let you know that I have chosen you for for one of my 5 people to recieve the Liebster blog award. Please check out my post to see what its all about
    sue xx