Sunday, 2 October 2011


This is basically a work in progress! LOL, told DH earlier that at least I have until Christmas to finish them.  For some reason, I'm always quick to start on a new project, but not so quick to finish them :(   At any one stage I'll  have two or three unfinished projects on my "table".  (I'll get back to the "table" issue in a later post)

My latest project involves cubes decorated with green, red and gold, eventually spelling out " Merry Christmas" and decorated with all seven (yeah 7) of the new Make it Crafty Christmas Elves ! Aren't they just toooo darn cute??

At the moment I have two (partially) completed cubes, three colored and cut out elves and one or two still in some process of being colored, cut etc.....Not every cube will have a elf on (unless I get some serious mojo on different color schemes for these little guys).  I'm posting this in the hope that if its out there for the whole world to see, I'll maybe finish it a (little) bit quicker.

Here's a little peak of what I'm working on......

Note to self :  PLEASE start looking at making a photo box(is that what it's called) to take some decent photo's!

See ya soon!